Monday, May 10, 2010

Dohori - "Nepali Cultural Song"

In Nepal there are different kind of music. Among them one cultural type of song is called dohori. Dohori is Nepali Folk song. This is unique type of song in world. Dohoro means from two side,or a debate. This debate is in rhythm, and involves quick and humorous poetry.

The two teams in Dohori usually involves boys in one group girls in the other.The song is started with a question usually from the boys side. The girl follows the question with a quick response and continues the musical conversation. Dohori songs can last for long time. The length of the Dohari depends on the quick thinking ability of the players. Some Doharis have lasted as long as 7 days. People celebrate the entire night singing the Dohari.They start singing in evening and end at dawn. Love and marriage are usually the topic of the debate.

The male expresses his love or feelings to the girl in the song and girl may or may not respond positively for various reasons and same case is applied to girls.

An example of one Dohori conversation is given below:

Boy-Hey girl you are beautiful with long hair
Give your life to me and of you I will take care.
Girl-How can you ask for my life I am worried
I have two child and I am already married.
Boy- Come with me I will take care of your child and you
I will always love you, don't worry we won't have child a new
Girl-Hey don't talk nonsense,I am not your and never be
Beware, of my husband's kick who is sitting behind me

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G.R.Koirala said...

that is how i always deserve lok dohori
what a gr8 example u got bro
keep going

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