Sunday, July 4, 2010

Image Award in Asoj

Image Channel, one of the most renowned media of Nepal is contributing a lot in promoting Nepali Music. In order to honour Nepali Artists, appreciate their work and inspire them to create better music, image channel is organizing Image Award from 11 years. 

Image Channel Pvt. Ltd. will host The 12th Annual Tuborg Image Award in the month of Asoj, This year's awards have been categorized into these groups- General, Special and Music video groups- comprising 21 title awards. The first group will have awards such as best male and female vocal, best album, best song, best lyrics and best music. The special category will have award like best pop song, folk and dohari, and soundtrack from movies, best new artist- male, female etc.

The music video category will include awards related to the musical and technical aspects of music videos.This category will have award like most popular music video, music video direction, music video editor, music video special effect etc.

The technical votes will be decided by a panel  of judges whereas popular votes will be collected via SMS. This year will also incorporate the Public Choice Award for the first time. This award will be given to the artist who have been nominated for the best vocal and best vocal in pop music, male and female and receive the maximum number of SMS.

The registration for the award is open and will last till July 31, 2010.

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