Friday, August 20, 2010

Nepali Teej Songs Videos with CRBT and PRBT Code

Song Title: Larakai Larkyo….Part 1
CRBT: 0130019130
PRBT: 60413177

Song Title: Larakai Larkyo….Part 2
CRBT: 0130019130
PRBT: 60413177

Song Title: Unko Lagi Brata Baseko….
CRBT: 0130020051

Song Title: Mero Hune Wala Lai Man Parcha Re….
CRBT: 0130020112
PRBT: 60414363

Song Title: Mitho Mitho Khanche Vanera….
CRBT: 0130020293
PRBT: 60414794

Song Title: Wollo Ghara Pallo Ghara…
CRBT: 0130020052
PRBT: 60414209

Song Title: Pakhe Paryo Poi….
Song Title: Lachkai Deu Kamara….
Song Title: Yo Teejma Dhalkerai Nachinchha…


Anonymous said...

nice videos...please upload more videos....


I love to watch These songs. but most of the videos above are dead links of Teej Song. please update

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