Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nepathya Come Up with Aaina Jhyal

Nepathya’s ninth album titled Aaina Jhyal was launched on september 14 at Nepalaya. Amrit Gurung, the band’s front man, who is a great lover of folk songs, has come up with the album that has folk influences in the majority of songs in the album. Most of the songs are written by Amrit Gurung himself.

The album was launched in the room where the band usually rehearses, jams up, composes and arranges their songs. Amrit Gurung dedicated the album to all his friends and people who helped him during the long journey of 20 years since the band was formed.

Kiran Shrestha, director of Nepalaya, hosted the programme. Seven songs of the album were audio previewed with photographs taken by the singer for the visuals.

The new album is related to his travels. The folks songs have touched different cultures, traditions and music of people whom he met during his journeys. Amrit said “I love travelling and it is important for those who compose folk songs. It teaches you about the lives of others. You experience and see the reality”. His music reflects his journeys. The singer, who has no musical figure as inspiration, learnt from listening to other people sing.

”I have no teacher as such. Simple people singing anywhere are the people from whom i have learnt and they are my inspiration,” said the singer.

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