Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 12th Annual Tuborg Image Award was Held

The 12th Annual Tuborg Image Award was celebrated with fanfare at Army Officers Club on 2nd October. Hemant Rana was the main attraction of the function raking three awards including Best Song, Best Male Vocal (pop) and the Public Choice Award.

The event started with the thanking speech from President of Image Channel RK Manandhar. “The success of this award function is the success of the Nepali Music Industry. So instead of thinking of today as a day of winning or losing, consider this day as a victory for Nepali Music Industry.”
image award

This year Life Time Achievement Award was presented to Poet Durga Lal Shrestha. Shrestha has not only been involved to poem and lyrics writing but also contributed to drama, patriotic songs and children’s books. According to a short clipping shown at the event on Shrestha explained through narration that he has written about beauty but he has never left the ugly side of any picture untouched which makes him a poet with different perspective.

The living legend was presented with the award as appreciation for his continued contribution to Nepali literature and music scene. To everyone’s delight artistes like Sabin Rai, Hemant Rana, Shiva Pariyar, Anju Pant, Prashant Tamang, Agantuk Kharel, Astha B and Mallika Karki  performed their hit numbers at the event.

Best New Artist:
Yagya Rai (Maan Milyo)
Best Vocal Performing by a Group or Duo: Ciney Gurung and Sabin Rai (Maya)
Best Movie Sound Track: Na Kunai Bandhan - Raju Singh (Yug Dekhi Yug Samma)
Best Song Recording of the Year: Shyamshwet Rasaili (jaha Timi Tyaha Ma)
Best Music Arrangement of the Year: Maharaj Thapa (Darshan Namaste)
Best Folk Song of the Year: Phoolerai (Ganesh  Neupane, Gyanu Gyanmi Magar and Remma Gurung Hoda)
Best Dohari Song of the Year: Tite Kareli (Raju Gurung and Muna Thapa)
Best Lyrics of the Year: Bhupendra Khadka (Timilai)
Best Composition of the Year: BB Anuragi (Jaha Timi Tyaha Ma)
Best Song with National Feeling: Mechi Mahakali (Durga Kharel, Amrit Regmi< Arjun Pokharel)
Best Music Video Editor: Prabin Shrestha (Malai Angalideu)
Best Music Video Cameraman: Hari Humagain (Halla Nagara)
Best Music Video Director: Bhushan Dahal (Laija Re)
Best Music Video of the Year: Alok Nembang (Achano Bho)
Best Song of the Year: Hemant Rana (Laija Re)
Best Album of the Year: Yatra (Yogendra Mani Dahal)
Best Vocal Performance Female (Pop): Astha B (Timi Nai Hau)
Best Vocal Performance Male (Pop): Hemant Rana (Laija Re)
Best Vocal Performance Female: Anju Pant (Pal Pal Roye)
Best Vocal Performance Male: Swaroop Raj Acharya (Bal Garera)
Tuborg Image Public Choice Award: Hemant Rana

Congratulations to all the winners!

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