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THE EDGE BAND : Nepalese Classic Band

The Edge Band
The Edge Band is a Nepalese Classic Band , formed in 1998 in Pokhara, The Edge came into the Nepali Rock scene with a self titled debut in 2000. The video of the song “mero aasu” from the debut album, witnessed a country wide popularity surge within a week of its official release. This success gave the band a much needed break into the mainstream music industry in Nepal. The album included other hits like jeewan mero, pagal nabhana, and numberous jams and rehearsals, Jeewan connected with three talented seasoned musicians in Pokhara.

This state of halcyon didn’t last long. In just a few years, the band found itself in a deep crossroads. With other priorities vying against the commitment to continue making music, it became obvious that the original lineup would falter. The disbanding became the inevitable reality.The status that followed the disbanding, front-man Jeewan Gurung continued with his singing. The incessant passion proved to be a rewarding experience. In 2003, through to create.
The new lineup is perhaps the most talented ever. Emerging from a deep hiatus the band cut their second album Vibes with Vjeewan Grgajra Records in 2006. The album contains some of the most intelligent originals the band has in its credit till date. Recorded and mastered at Sacred Sound Studio, Kathmandu, Vibes showcases the band’s technical prowess, endurance, and lyrical maturity. Thaha chaina, an orchestral arrangement; shanti ko sandesh, a hard rock with patriotic theme; kasailai, a steady rock groove; bhramma, an alternative experiment; ballads, jiuna lai garo and duukha diyera; and soothing prastab and lekhiyeka shabda demonstrate the cohesion amidst diversity in composition.

After the release of the video for thaha chaina on major television channels, The Edge’s popularity spread far and wide. Since the album release, the band has played some dozen shows in their hometown Pokhara. They have played numerous sold-outs including charities and festivals. Their concerts are popular for a flawless performance and a powerful stage presence.

Thus far, The Edge has received couple awards and nominations. The song Duukha diyera bagged the best lyrics award at the Pokhara Music Award. The song received critical acclaim for its soulful words. In 2006, following the release of Vibes, The Edge was nominated at the 9th Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the category of Rock Vocal Performance. Although it was only confined to nominations, The Edge has come out of age to demonstrate their ability to deliver beyond anyone’s expectation. Currently, the band is working on the new materials. They are often seen playing live around town and in their own oxygen lounge bar in Lakeside.

Band Members:
Vocal – Jeewan Gurung
Lead Guitar - Som
Bass Guitar - Rockey
Rytham - Sanjeeb
Drummer - Basanta

The edge band is classic band with lots of potential. If they get good sponsor and media then they would be more what they are today. The Edge Band has  great contributions in Nepalese music industry and still carrying on. Hope that they continue their journey far ahead and will give more fantastic and healing music ahead.

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