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Nabin K Bhattarai "The King of Pop"

Nabin K Bhattarai (born March 14, 1974, in Kathmandu, Nepal) is the most prominent and popular singer in Nepali Music Industry. He is well known as both singer and composer. According to him he was naughty boy in his childhood days so he was send to Budanilakantha School as a boarder.

His hobbies includes paintings, sports, listening music and net surfing. His favorite game is football. After intermediate level, he with his some friends established a band named “The steels wheel”. Nabin is the rhythm guitarist in the band and band performed some concerts in the valley. All the band members except Nabin flew abroad .However the band acted as the catalyst in his musical career. As per his personal interest, he recorded his first song 'Aakhama Timilai' which was appreciated by the Nepali music Lovers and in no time he was successful singer.

Nabin achieved a lot in music during a short period of time. His first ever award was Sajjan Smriti which was also followed by Chinnalata award. At that time he became a youngest artist to get Chinnalata award. He has twice won the Sajha Smriti Award for Best Male Vocalist, first for Preetka Geet (Raharai Raharama) and then for Aankha ma Timilai. He also won Award of the Year for Raharai Raharama. He further won the Shikhar Hits FM Music Award 2054 as the Best Male Vocal for Saanja Pakha. His album 'Avash' is arguably one of the most popular albums of all time in Nepal's modern music industry. His album Samjhana became the second highest selling album of the year at that time.He has won several Hits FM Awards. That’s why he is known as "The king of pop" in Nepali Music. He is the one who commercialized the Nepali Music. Most of his earlier songs have a soft touch to them, depicting the loneliness of a young lover. His musical journey has been an inspiration to the Nepali music lovers.

He was acknowledged with different kind of music and instruments and countless methods of creating music. His favorite Nepali singers are Suresh Kumar Chettri and Kunti Moktan. Amongst the new generation singers, Nabin feels that Sugam Pokhrel, Anil Singh and Lochan Rijal are very talented. His music compositions are liked by not only youngster but also by people of all ages. He is fond of doing different experiments in music.We can find soul in his music which heals the people's heart. He is the inspirations for many new and upcoming artist.
He has been keeping a low profile for the past four years. Now after the effort of four years he is back with his brand new album Nakshatra. Nakshatra has a different sound from what you'll find in the market these days. Nabin, for one, does not believe in synthetic music at all, and prefers the warmth and depth of more organic music that can penetrate into one's heart. All the songs on the album composed by Nabin use live instruments such as the guitar, flute, harmonium, bass and even the cello. For more detail  about Nakshatra album visit .

He is pride to the nation and contributed a lot in Nepali music field. He is crazy about music. He is fond of playing guitar. He is inspired from Pink Floyd, The Doors, Grateful Deaths. he is also impressed by Ronnie James, Pearl Roger. He believed that in every field appropriate knowledge is most important so he did Ethnomusicology from Kathmandu University. He is also a student of music maestro Prabhu Raj Dhakal. He also believed that Music is a creation. It is a God's gift to mankind. That’s why, learning music is equally important. He feels that he had gained a lot after he learnt music.

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hey bro I think u have missed writing about his awards achieved so far including hits fm award n many more/
keep going n enjoying with music dear bro

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