Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The Dharan Sarokar Samaj organised an enchanting musical night entitled Deep Sanjh on Sunday at the National Academy in the Capital, featuring noted singer Deep Shrestha, who was glad throughout the programme to be able to sing for his home town. Basanta Thapa, renowned song writer, very beautifully said, “Let’s see if Deep’s voice can generate a few drops of water in Dharan.” The show was organised to tackle the present water crisis in Dharan. Dharan Sarokar Samaj was established recently to muster up people concerned with Dharan in any manner to work towards a more prosperous Dharan. The organisation believes that through efforts like these, they will be able to achieve the Dharan of their dreams: a popular tourist destination and a medical hub. Shrestha also sang a duet with his daughter. The informal environment was further lightened by Shrestha’s humour as well. Shrestha began with Ma Pathar ko Deuta Hoina, which set the mood for the evening. The show was embellished with his classics such as Ma ta Kuhiro Bhitra Chhu and Jhin Ma Unine Tyo Euta Kura. Shrestha described the experience as a ‘self-satisfying’ one as it enabled him to contribute to the town he grew up in. The singer had requested his listeners at the beginning of the show to sing with him if he needed help and towards the end the audience was singing with him mesmerised in melody. Shrestha also presented the song Sunideu Sano Chada ko Katha which was his first venture as a lyricist. Thapa, who is also Shrestha’s childhood friend, said Shrestha had always been a self-learner and praised his ability to learn anything by simply observing it. He even compared Shrestha with melody king Narayan Gopal suggesting he is near to achieving the same stature. Shrestha has definitely made his mark in the minds of Nepali music lovers and continues to do so. 
Shrestha described the experience as a ‘self-satisfying’ one as it enabled him to contribute to the town he grew up in

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