Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Two Years Old Baby Drummer

What do you think you can do at the age of two. Can you imagine a two years old baby playing a drum. It is hard to believe but it is true that a two years baby named Utprem Jojiju from Pokhara plays a drum so nicely with great timing.

He cannot even understand what other say and speaks only mommy and baba but nowadays he has drum infront of him and a drum sticks on his hand. His father Binit Jojiju who is also a singer said that, “ They were surprised when they saw his son playing drum. Utprem is the first who play drum in song with timing at the very early age. when he searched in the internet he didn’t find anyone below four years who plays  a drum.”

Utprem is 2 years old from September 30 but he started playing drum form six months before. He already played drum in five different musical programs.
Binit said, “ He plays drum regularly at home. Utprem can plays the drum in the songs like ‘Jati maya laaye pani’, ‘Naachyo maichang naachyo’,' ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa’ and including some Raags. He can play drum continuously  for half an hour.

When the parents gets the free time they used to take Utprem in different resturant at Lakeside and let him play the drum. His father himself giving him a training at home. His family is thinking to give him musical education and creating the environment to take music as  a profession in future.

If 2 years old child has not been recorded under the category so far then claiming for ‘Guinness Book of World’s Record’ would be a wise idea. What do you think guys?


Pradeep Thapa said...

what a baby!!! incredible, unbelieveable, awesome VDO.

Purna said...

big things come in small packages..
something to cheer about in nepali music industry...
that small boy gonna rock the nation...

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